The Bronx

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(Click Play Button for Audio) What’s up. My name is Emmanuel Torres. Some people call me E-man. I’m 22 years old, from the Bronx and these are some of my photos. The Bronx is a funny place to grow up. From all the many different cultures, ethnicities and neighborhoods. There’s a little bit of everything here. I noticed growing up that this boro is a lot different from the rest. A lot of people might not say that they are from here. Where were you when the Bronx was burning? Are we still trying to shake that image? Or was it all the horrible movies made here…Escape from the Bronx, Paul Newman Fort Apache, Cross Bronx, and the list goes on. Anyway this is where I’m from and these are some of the people from here…excluding Yoda, but he’s down. Someone once told me… “If you’re from the Bronx you’re funny, smart and tough.” Oh yeah and we got the best pizza. Period.

By      01.22.12

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  1. Yoda 01.22.12

    great pics Eman!


    […] Torres aka Eman has a bunch of really awesome photos from The Bronx up on THE LAST PEOPLE. It also has a audio piece with Emmanuel talking as the photos go through. You should def check them […]

  3. Billy Jean 01.30.12

    Very dope pictures. Hotness! The Bronx

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