Strange Observations | Jonathan Schimpf

I met Jonathan recently while I was out riding around the Philadelphia and was immediately drawn to his unique riding style, after getting to know him a bit I realized he was also a Fine Art photographer from the area. Usually when describing Photographers people like using the cliche that “they have an eye” for something, what Jonathan does is much more than that. Featured is a body of work entitled “Strange Observations”. The series focuses on peculiar happenings that occur both naturally in our world or that have been created/installed by man. Many of the ideas captured are a result of the artists love for odd simplicity and how we’ve used the resources around us to create something more. The images in this series that relate to humans or the work of humans tend to feel inspired by the natural world, even in the confines of a man made space. Each piece from this project has been photographed in various locations across the United States. The work is a mixture of integral film and digital captures. Much of his other work has a similar feel to it and can be viewed on his blog at

I’m always excited to meet riders and find out that there passions run equally as deep into other creative aspects of the world and for me Jon exemplifies that feeling and I can’t wait to see more photography and riding from him in the future. Again much of his other work has a similar feel to it and can be viewed on his blog at

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