Sandy Carson


Name Age and Location?

-Alexander Campbell Carson, 35, Austin Texas

What is your favorite F-stop?

-The one where I get punched in the chest from my girlfriend, mid-swear word. When we got to fancy dinners with University faculty and I have had too much to drink I forget the company we are in.(Larry David Style)

Of all the cameras you use/ have used which did you most enjoy and why?

-I have relationships with all of them and they have their purpose, but I still have a soft spot for the Yashica T5 with 400 B/W cos it’s a point and shoot, and fits in my sky rocket (pocket.)

If you had to choose to never ride a bike again, or never shoot a photo which would you pick?

If I said to never shoot a photo again then I’d be homeless and then my cats would go starvin.

You have gotten the chance to see a decent amount of the world it seems, what would you say was the most memorable place?

Each place has left me with memories and photos to remember when I’m riddled with arthritus. Its really hard to compare, since a lot of cultures are so diverse. South Africa totally blew my mind, as a third world country coming out of Apartheid.

It seems as though a good portion of the bmx world has heard of your vegan gas. So what do you think would happen if you released the death from your

ass in a swimming pool filled with fish.. how many do you reckon would die?

I dunno, but maybe this is what happened to the tilapia at The Salton Sea.

Name your top 5 sets of trails


Nam (Rip)

9th St

Town lake

Ben Nevis path

Paul Buchanan, Man? Myth? Legend??

D. All of the above!

What is your favorite thing to order at Veggie Heaven?

-The Spicy Gluten. It’ll make good covered wagon!

What is your favorite kind of film?

-Right now I’m diggin the Fuji Colour Pro C 160. It’s got sweet contrast and and old school feel to it.

What do you think you were doing 5 years ago today?

-Probably just getting up right now, hungover at 4.20 in the afternoon on someone’s couch.

Click HERE to see more photos and Sandy’s site.

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