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The idea for the ‘no report’ video had been loosely rolling around in my head for a while. originally i intended it to be a still photography project in which i get a group of hoodlums together and wreak havoc on a house….basically a demolition party with people getting thrown thru drywall, running rampant in masks, and many objects getting smashed. so when i found out my friends were getting kicked out of their squat at the end of this past june i pounced on the opportunity. i approached my buddy Spanky (he’ll tell you his name is Nicholas but that’s bullshit….he’s Spanky) who lived at the house and who is also a photographer/videographer with the idea of doing another music video for Imaginary Friends because we had collaborated on the first IF video last summer. i thought it would be a perfect venue for the song and so the idea evolved from stills to motion to satisfy two needs: smashing shit on film and another video for my band. he’s a super talented dude, runs Running Rebel Studio in Bushwick, and has done videos for some of brooklyn’s raddest bands so i knew i could trust him to be a part of the project…plus he’s a good friend and i like to keep my projects ‘in the family’ so to speak.

The video took four nights to shoot because we had to work around everyone’s work schedule and whatnot and i think in the end it really took a lot out of all of us….basically a whole weeks worth of no sleep, drinking, substance abuse, asphyxiation from spray paint fumes and sweating like a motherfucker….it was hot as shit that week here in brooklyn….so i guess not too far from a typical week for us all here in brooklyn but still, it was intense. the last day of shooting was also the last day that my friends had the house before the sheriff’s department and bank were scheduled to come and take over the property, so that night was a fucking crazy party as we attempted to work….hundreds of people all over the property and inside the house smashing, spray painting, partying….just madness. you would here this loud crash from inside some random room and then a bunch of kids would come running out with the biggest smiles on their faces looking for the next thing to destroy….just random people basking in the destruction of a beautiful old Bed Stuy brownstone. i’ve actually gotta give credit to the people who built that house….those old houses can take a beating….we went back the day after and the damage actually wasn’t that bad….we certainly made the demolition crew’s job easy….can’t say the same for the painting crew. actually the house we shot the video in was called the John Bosch House….i guess it was built by some doctor (John Bosch) back in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and he practiced his trade out of it as well…flash forward to 2005 and it became a squat and home to frequent parties and DIY shows. i think Johnny Boy Bosch would be proud of what we did there…it was like some crazy rite or cleansing, just completely annihilate everything in the house, strip it down to its frame and purge all of the spirits of it’s past history and get it ready for it’s next life….either that or we successfully put a hex on the place and filled it with demons who will linger and make life a living hell for the next tenants. i’d be happy with either outcome.

…thanks to everyone involved in the mayhem: Edwin, Wally World, the Juggernut girls, Sweaty Kenny, Shirley, Francis Brady, RD, James Lucious Gray, Tyrone, Rudy Savage, Jah Jah, Unstoppable Death Machines, Running Rebel Studio, Amram, of course my homeboys Wormz, Rondel and Shayne, all the other random scumbags and cuties who showed up to party, and last but not least the homie-est boy of them all Spanky….much love.

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