Michael Sieben

Name Age and Location?

-Michael Craig Sieben, 33 years old, I’m from Seguin, TX but I live in Austin, TX.

Place you would least like to live, ex: Norway, A sewer, or with a crazy aunt ?

-Dick Cheney’s private indoor shooting range.

Your Favorite Pantone color?

It’s a close race between 319C and 388C.

Do you make your bed in the morning?

I usually make a coffee snake in the morning. (That’s code for crapping.)

If you could be any super hero combined with an animal what would it be?

Aqua Man combined with a donkey.
If you could illustrate ANYTHING in the entire world what would it be?

Probably this interview.

How do you feel about the internet and the availability of funny cat photos and videos? (www.icanhascheezburger.com and youtube:funny cat videos)

I feel pretty good about it. I’m about to get a new kitty so I find those sites to be excellent research tools.

If you could only read one magazine for the rest of you’re life what would it be?

Um… probably Fangoria.

Differences between working in skateboarding and bmx?

Working in skateboarding means working with dudes in California. Working in bmx means driving to East Austin and hanging out with my buddy Joe Rich. I enjoy both.

Coffee or tea?

Mainly coffee but I do enjoy the occasional yerba matte. It tastes like dirt which is cool.

If you could change anything about your career as an artist what would it be?

More dolphins.

If you cound just say something about your influences and what art you are or have been pumped on?

Influences: art, graphic design, music, television, music television, movies, radio, cats, books, friends, enemies, the internet, camping, nose wheelies, birds, clouds, potted plants, haircuts, etc.

Art I am or have been pumped on: Maurice Sendak, Pushead, Jim Phillips, VCJ, Richard Scarry, Guadalupe Posada, Goya, Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Mike Aho, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Jeff Soto, Roger Seliner, Adam Young, Mike Parsons, Deth P. Sun, Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera, Rich Jacobs, Tim Kerr, Neil Blender, Marc McKee, Sean Cliver, Jay Howell, David Shrigley, etc.

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