Keyko Photo Club

Dig by Chalmers

Collapse by Ghandi

Reach Stack by Ghandi

Jake Brody by Ghandi

Construction by Chalmers

Start Hill by Chalmers

Panorama by Chalmers

Sunberm by Ghandi

Tall and Steep by Ghandi

Supes by Ghandi

Soup by Ghandi

Chalmers by Barnhart

Ghandi by Barnhart

Brian by Chalmers

Last weekend Dave Ghandi Hall, Steve Chalmers, and myself headed out to Keyko Trails on Long Island to work on the jumps with John Super Fly. We got some much needed work done thanks to a very mild winter, and Dave, Steve and myself came away with some nice photos from the woods. Steve was on the Mamiya RZ, Dave was shooting with a Panasonic Digital GF2 (Hacked), and I had a Hasselblad 503. With all three of us documenting the day, we joked that we should start a photo club, so here is the first outing of the “Keyko Photo Club.” Now accepting membership applications. More tales from trails to come.

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