Development in Progress

We lost the .com and went .co. Sorry, if you tried looking for us there. This change is one of the first of many changes we are doing to the site.

We are trying to make the site more community based, and less of a blog. Strangers, friends, and family will have a place that is free of cost for their works to live and thrive. The development of will be no secret, and those that wish to help will be more than welcome.

Older content will be archived, and for now it can be assessed via search or using the nav on the right.

You can track some of the dev work here on Github.

Below is an image as well as the corresponding HTML5 code (click to enlarge).

Day to day control over the project with live on Asana.

Feel free to drop us a line if you are interested in participating or you just want to know more, here or via thelastpeople dot(.) info at(@) gmail dot(.) com

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