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Dave King is one of my best friends. He has been building trails in Pennsylvania and dirt jumping contest courses worldwide for over ten years, and does a damn good job at it. He decided to start his own dirt jump construction company a few years ago so he could do things his own way. One of Dirt Sculpts first gigs was the contest course for the Heros of Dirt movie. The results were great, and the company is growing in new ways, including bring bike parks to public parks. Here is some Q and A with Dave about the happening of Dirt Sculpt.

What exactly is Dirt Sculpt and what different types of services do you provide? Dirt sculpt is pretty much a the best thing ever! It’s a dirt course construction company that not only builds the best courses, we ride and test every thing we build. Also we design by using the land scape which makes every build unique and one of a kind. Some of the things we build are bmx dirt jumps; contest style or trails style, pumptracks, and MTB; downhill and single track.

When did you start Dirt Sculpt and why did feel the need to start your
own company?
I started Dirt Sculpt in 2009. I was just sick of building for people that didn’t have a clue about building. I would get contracted by someone, they would get paid a large sum of loot, and I would do all of the work. So after years of seeing that happen, I decided to take out the middle man and do it all myself.

Give us a little background of some of trails you have built at over
the years, and contest courses you have been integral in creating.
Well I started with Nam trails back in 1994. I helped out at Posh and helped build Catty trails. I’ve built X Games, Gravity Games,some race tracks, Redbull Elevation and Dreamline, and Heroes of Dirt dirt comp for the bmx movie. That is some of the bigger ones.

Name some of your latest works. Well this winter I’ve been helping out at the local MTB trails and a Pumptrack in Mexico. Winter is kinda slow.

What would you say is the best course you have ever built? I think Dream Line was the best! Just the fact that the riders rode after the contest was over for hours! i never saw that before!

What are you trying to do differently with Dirt Sculpt, than with
other projects you’ve worked on in the past?
I want to focus on bringing trails and pumptracks to towns and cities. Take out the baseball fields and build great stuff to ride, haha. But really, working on bike parks is what I want to start doing.

What do you think it would take for cities to keep contest courses and
turn them into public bike parks?
Open minded parks and rec department. Cities have to realize that times are changing and kids want to ride and skate and not throw a ball.

Has there been any obstacles you have had to overcome, or are working
to overcome since you started your business?
Mainly just realizing how to run a business and be a professional, like having designs and proposals done right for city board members.

Who are some people you companies or people that you look forward to
teaming up with?
Well I just teamed up with Elitetrax. I’m building race tracks with them. Thats it for right now.

What else does the future hold for Dirt Sculpt? Looking to build more pumptracks and bike parks.

Do you see building bike parks as a way to improve communities, and if so, how? Bike parks are the best thing to get kids into it. I feel its a life changer. When a kid has a fun creative thing to do they tend not to get in trouble.

What is your forecast for this year’s trail season in PA? Well, I think it will be good. I will be working a lot so I won’t be around all the time, but we already started claying the jumps, trying to get a head start with the mild winter.

King shredding Catty Woods by Barnhart

And last but not least, what percentage of clay to black dirt do you
plan to use this season?
Clay on the front and black in the rear!!!

All images courtesy of Dirt Sculpt unless noted.

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