We have passed the torch to Brendan and Good luck, and be smart, safe, and nice. Here is an epic video by Jon Lynn who scored the soundtrack as well, oh, and he won last year in record time.

Brian designed a site for his zine. I developed it. You can preview the current zine along with some prints, but if you really want to check it out you need to have it in your hands. Check out for more details that. Here’s the source,, I used node.js, and more specifically I used nodefront. Easiest way to develop a static site for a developer. Stay tuned for issue #2, and for a downloadable .pdf version. Keep the dream alive.

Casual Encounters in the Pacific Northwest

Portraits, action, and living moments of friends celebrating underground culture, and the people and places our bikes help us find. Friday December 7 2012, 7-10pm Secret Art Space – South side Bethlehem, near Rink and Vine Live music, free admission Flyer is below There is an event on facebook on Secret Art Spaces page. Dance party afterwards at Your Welcome Inn. It wont be the same without you, please come.

No Report

The idea for the ‘no report’ video had been loosely rolling around in my head for a while. originally i intended it to be a still photography project in which i get a group of hoodlums together and wreak havoc on a house….basically a demolition party with people getting thrown thru drywall, running rampant in masks, and many objects getting smashed. so when i found out my friends were getting kicked out of their squat at the end of this past june i pounced on the opportunity. i approached my buddy Spanky (he’ll tell you his name is Nicholas but that’s bullshit….he’s Spanky) who lived at the house and who […]

A Start & Finish of the NY Grands

Here are some photos I shot while having a great and completely radical time at the Bicycle Film Festival here in New York. Every year is a blast, and this year was no different because of the awesome people that came out. I would like to send out a special thanks to everyone participated and spectated. I would also like to thank our awesome sponsors for letting no one go home empty handed. And, a special thanks goes out to the Bicycle Film Festival for all their support.

Checkpoints for New Yorks Grands

Below are the checkpoints for the New York Grands.  Be sure to be at the starting line in front of Anthology Film Archives on 2nd Ave. and 2nd St. by 1:30pm tomorrow.  Some type of trick must be performed at each checkpoint.  It can be a gnarly as you want or as simple as you want, freestyle it.  There will be a prize for best trick at each check point.  Make sure to pick up a sticker before proceeding to the next checkpoint for proof that you were actually there. The first check point is City Hall fountain stairs and ledge.  Located at Foley Square between Centre St. and Lafayette […]

BFF films, parties, a jam, and the NY Grands

Bicycle Film Festival, in it’s twelfth year, is happening again all over the world. They are about to start up here in New York City from June 28th to July 1st. There a ton of films, parties, jams, and even a race to attend this weekend. In addition to the New York Grands, there are a lot of other fun things to check out like… A group ride to the screening from uptown to the festival at 11:00am A jam and street party that starts 12:00pm. The NY Grands at 1:30pm with a tons of prizes and giveaways from our awesome sponsors. $300 courtesy of BASE BROOKLYN is up for […]

2nd Annual New York Grands at Bicycle Film Festival 2012

The Last People are proud to present the 2nd annual New York Grands at Bicycle Film Festival. It will take place next Saturday at 1:30pm.  Come shred your ass off through the mean streets of NYC.  $300 courtesy of BASE BROOKLYN is up for grabs for 1st place, along with a FAIRDALE complete bike. Tons of prizes and giveaways for the top 8 finishers, as well as prizes for 1st place female and 16 and under rider courtesy of ODYSSEY, FBM, S & M, FIT, CULT, DIG, YOUR INN, FRANCHISE, KILL JOY, KALOSPECTRA, MUTINY, WORLDS BEST BIKE STICKERS, TWO BOOTS PIZZA, POST BIKE SHOP, HUMPHREY INDUSTRIES, UNITED, ALYK,OPERATIV,Terrible One, BFF, and […]